Kate Borgelt Photography-lr-084-2Welcome to the blog! Here I’ll write about things I enjoy like building Christ-centered community, time alone with God in the mountains, being on our sailboat, being with my amazing husband Tim and our two kids Russell (7) and Lyla (5.)  I like dreaming up and launching new projects, leadership books, George MacDonald fairy tales, hosting people in our home, and soaking up time in my most favorite place on earth: Frisco, CO.

God is my first love but my kids and husband Tim are very close seconds, and I co-pastor a faith community called Platt Park Church in Denver, CO.

I write mainly because it helps ground me, helps me hear God’s voice, helps me find my center again, and because I once heard someone say that the better we tell our own stories the better we will live them. The more inspired our stories, the more inspired our lives. May you too, find grounding, center and inspiration from God today.

Lots of love,


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