Wild Flock: Seeing God’s Love and Splendor in Everyday Life


Jesus spoke of the abundant life, but too many people come to faith in Christ and never experience it. Encountering the love and splendor of God in everyday life shouldn’t be so hard, but sometimes it is. Too often we are trudging through life rather than soaring. Our souls long to live in freedom and joy, but often we are weighed down by shame, pressing responsibilities, and a far too busy life. Jesus tells us to consider the birds, the flowers, the bread and the wine. Seeing God’s love and splendor is a daily spiritual practice that begins with opening our eyes. When God opens our eyes, everything changes.





The Church with the Blue Door

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 9.31.41 AMIt is Susie’s hope that children will be filled with awe, wonder, and a deeper understanding of Jesus’ vision for His church. Platt Park Church has made these books available as a gift to you. Feel free to pick one up at the Platt Park Church “connect table” if you haven’t already and read it together at home, or with the children in your life.