Easter has become about a lot of things in our North American culture.  For some, Easter is about Spring and flowers and bunnies and family. It’s about feeding your children peeps for breakfast and then dropping them off at the church nursery (Platt Parkers, please do NOT do this! :))  Easter is about pretty dresses and a vague sense of hope….

But, for followers of Jesus around the world, Easter is about a single event in human history. Easter is the day when Jesus’ friends woke early to carry out their funeral customs for Jesus and grieve his death but instead found an empty tomb. The absolute and eternal emptiness of that tomb changed everything.

Grappling with this extraordinary historical event inevitably shapes our beliefs about life, God and the Bible.  I hope you’ll join us this Sunday as we grapple together and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

I pray that the power of a risen Jesus will have ever-deeper personal significance for each of us this season.