I’m a summer girl

My birthday is July 13 (so you can start shopping now) and summer has always been my favorite season.  Memorial day weekend feels like the kick-off to my favorite season.  I’m not sure why it’s my favorite – maybe it is the backyard BBQs, the slip-n-slides, pools, after dinner walks while its still light out, or the fireworks for the 4th of July.  This year we’re starting summer right with a weekend full of people!  First we have Brandon and Lisa’s wedding tonight, then Simon’s graduation party tomorrow, then Jean and Pilly’s for dinner Sunday, and then Gary and Melanie coming over for drinks on our roof on Monday.  It’s the perfect start to my favorite season – a weekend filled with the presence of friends.  I know all you introverts are thinking, “please just shoot me now!” in thinking of a weekend full of people, but for Tim and I this works and we love it.

I wonder when we think back on summer 2012, what is it we’ll remember?  Will it be the flowers planted, or the house projects, or the events, or the work? I hope we’ll spend time with each other – sharing life and laughs and good food.  But what I hope makes the top of the list is how we lived the summer soaking in the presence of God.

Cheers to the start of my forever and ever favorite season, may it be a summer you remember because you live it in step with God and basking in his love.

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