Hosting Dinner with No Countertops

When Tim and I were first married I really rolled out the red carpet when hosting friends for dinner or out-of-town company for the weekend. I love entertaining, so making our house look like the Pottery Barn (on a Target budget) was fun for me. One of our early fights in marriage was about me wanting to roll out the red carpet for guests and Tim wanting to serve my parents pizza and beer on paper plates. Now after 11 years of being married, I have to say this is really one area that has changed for me. I still enjoy hosting beautiful dinners sometimes, but I have come to appreciate the time with people more than what we’re eating or how it all looks. 

So this morning I invited the neighbors for dinner, and they are coming over at 5 o’clock and our house is a total (not joking), total construction zone. I’m cooking on the plywood countertop until the real one is installed, and there is an uninstalled dishwasher in the middle of the kitchen, and all the windows are completely bare. But, we have a table and we have chairs and it will be a memory when I offer them a glass of wine in one of Russell’s sippy cups because I still can’t find the box with the wine glasses in it. But if I wait until everything is perfect, I probably won’t be hosting for a while because this house needs a lot of updating. So I’ve decided to just move forward with having people over – in our mess – and not worry about it. Relationships, faith and gratitude in the middle of a construction zone: that describes my life today.  

It seems there are two ways to live. One says, “I will be grateful when . . . [fill in the blank],” and the other says, “I will be grateful now.” You can say, “I will be grateful when . . . my house is done, or when I get that job, or find the right girl.” Or you can say, “I will be grateful now.” You choose.

Psalm 118:26 says, “This is the day that the Lord has made. We shall rejoice and be glad in it.”  It does not say tomorrow is the day God has made, or yesterday but rather “this is the day.” 

 What can you be grateful for today?

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