You Watch Barney and I’ll Watch You

Last night, after playing with us in his basement playroom, Russell picked up the Barney DVD that Nana brought him and said, “More, more, more!” I said, “You watch Barney and I’ll watch you.” The truth is, I enjoy watching Russell doing just about anything (except maybe throwing his food on the kitchen floor). Russell sat on the floor enamored by, and glued to, the purple dinosaur; and I sat on the floor enamored by, and glued to, my 18-month-old learning and laughing with Barney. Russell did not even realize I was watching him; he was just doing what he does.

How do you imagine God is looking at you when you are doing whatever it is that you do? You and I probably don’t realize how much God is not only watching us but also enjoying watching us. Our loving God is not caught up in the tasks that we are caught up in; he is much more caught up in the joy of his creation – just the essence and being of his beloved ones. Just like I don’t need Russell to start performing, or tying his shoes, or solving algebra equations, God does not need us to complete some important task to receive his love. He just loves to love.

I wonder how my view of God might change if I lived more in an awareness of his perfect love instead of trying to earn it, or deserve it, or prove that I’m worth it.

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