The Church in Denver

I think from God’s perspective there is really only one church. This Church, with a capital “C”, is made up of followers of Christ all over the world. Regularly I find myself asking people, “where do you go to church?” Of course, this is a legitimate question since there are many local expressions of the Church around the city and many different churches are needed to reach many different kinds of people. But sometimes I step back and wonder what does God think of all these churches? I know the Church is the bride of Christ and that God loves his church. But I wonder what he thinks of all the different local expressions. Does he wish we were more united? The scriptures are filled with passages about the importance of unity….what does that look like today?

Tomorrow morning we kick off a new message series on The Lord’s Prayer. We are teaming up with ten other churches around Denver during the month of July to teach/preach through this same message series. Other participating churches include:

Scum of the Earth Church
Mountair Church
The Refuge
Mile High Vineyard
City Church
TNL Church
Denver Community Church
Trailhead Church
Pathways Church
Bloom Church

Of course, each church will have a unique perspective and approach but it has been a great joy to join forces with some other amazing churches in town! By simply sharing together in the same teaching topic for this next month I have become more aware of the exciting ways that God’s kingdom is advancing in our great city and I am thrilled that we at Platt Park Church are a part of it!

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