Leadership Lessons

Almost every year for over 10+ years now I have been carving out 2 days in August to attend the Global Leadership Summit. This event is simulcast all around the world, with 170,000 leaders in attendance. I love this event so much that I even left a family vacation early one year to be at the Summit…I know, that is really weird.

This week 9 people from our staff and elder team attended. Here are my favorite leadership lessons from this years Summit. These lessons took me just 2 days to learn, but will likely take a lifetime to apply! And I am up for that challenge!

1. From Collin Powell: It will look different in the morning; successful leaders infect their people; get mad but get over it.

2. From Patrick Lencioni: if you want to loose your best people then give them anonymity, irrelevance and immeasurement in their work.

3. From Liz Wiseman: you can have a diminishing impact without intending to and without knowing it. Multipliers believe that everyone is smart and is going to figure it out.

4. From Chris Brown: I don’t have a quote from Chris so much as I have an impression of powerful story telling in preaching!

5. From Joseph Grenny: leadership is intentional influence.

6. From Vijay Govindarajan: Innovation = idea+leader+team+plan

7. From Brene Brown: Humans have a basic need to be seen and loved, to belong and to be brave. And if you are not in the arena-getting beat up yourself, then I will not listen to your criticism of me.

8. Oscar Muriu from Nairobi Chapel: Jesus did not just throw himself into the harvest, he first found his leaders.

9. From Henry Cloud: the downward spiral of a leader includes: taking it personal, thinking its pervasive, believing it is permanent.

10: Bill Hybels: be strong and courageous because leadership is not for the faint of heart.

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