All Mine

Russell’s new favorite word is “mine.” We didn’t teach him to hold the bowl of berries to his chest and say, “mine” when his friends come over for lunch. We did not show him how to grab the toy and say “mine” during play dates in our backyard. We did not directly teach him to view it as “mine.” But he has figured out a new word, and he sure likes to use it!

Even though I don’t run around saying “mine” like a toddler, I sure can act like my stuff is all mine in my heart, attitudes and behavior. Every time I hear Russell say “mine” I am reminded that this stuff – all this stuff – is really not mine. I am reminded that God has entrusted me with this one and only life, with this one and only season, and with these one and only opportunities to serve Him. It is not my business I’m running, it is not my staff that I am leading, it is not my church, or my house, or my car, or even my child. Everything belongs to God. The whole earth is His.

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