Welcoming Vaun

During seminary, I was instructed to seek out a mentor who could be a wise sounding board as I progressed through my ministry journey. I asked Vaun Swanson to mentor me. Little did I know that Vaun and I would form a friendship that would far outlast my time in seminary. We have since traveled to Africa together with Food for the Hungry, walked together on trails all around Denver, and shared in each other’s families and lives for years.

Because of this rich history, I am delighted beyond belief to announce that Vaun Swanson is joining our staff as Pastor of Community Development. In addition to Vaun’s extensive graduate education (Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees), she is gifted at creating environments in which people can move from loneliness to community and grow to be all God intended them to be. She has a unique knack for noticing, serving and walking with people during seasons of transition or struggle. Her love for God and walk with Christ are beautiful and inspiring aspects of her character. Vaun’s passion for biblical equality has taken her all around the world, and most recently to Nepal, where she has been teaching and leading conferences on what it means to be “one in Christ”.

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