Russell Likes My Meatloaf

I have a good friend who has pretty much dropped out of church. She has her reasons, and I don’t judge her for them. During a recent conversation with her, she told me, “The thing I miss most about being in church is communion.”

I have never been much of a day-in-day-out cook. For the first ten years of Tim’s and my marriage, I usually cooked for company (which, granted, is a regular event in our house), and Tim usually cooked the rest of the meals. Since Russell, we haven’t found an actual family cooking rhythm yet, but I made meatloaf the other night, and Russell chowed it down like he hadn’t eaten in weeks! I feel like my heart could burst with happiness when I watch him eat my home cooked meals. I have been surprised by how much joy and satisfaction I derive from cooking a meal that Russell enjoys. It makes me feel like I am giving him nourishment that he needs to grow healthy and strong. It feels like a tangible way I can show him my love.

God invites us to share a meal with Him each week, a meal that He has provided for our nourishment and strength. I imagine it brings God’s heart great joy and satisfaction to be the source of our nourishment. Of course we can go many different places other than God for nourishment, but it is only ultimately in Him that we find satisfaction and strength. When we come to the table together, when we allow God to provide for us, it must bring his Father-heart such great delight.

May we never forget in the regularity and routine of worship, the beauty and power contained in sharing the Eucharist meal together.

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