Christmas Eve & Rum Cake

I am so looking forward to our time together honoring the incarnation of Christ! I hope you can join us for one of our Christmas Eve Candlelight Services at 3:30 & 5:00 p.m. Please consider inviting a friend or family member who may not have a connection to a faith community. What makes the holidays special is not the perfect table setting, food, or packaged gifts, but rather the gathering of people who are present and patient with and attuned to each other and to the God who gives us another day to love Him.

My Christmas gift to you actually comes from my Nana, who used to ask for a bottle of rum each year for Christmas so that she could make her amazing rum cake. As a kid, I hated the taste of rum in Nana’s cake, but now I think it is delicious. My Nana is no longer with us, but we still have this family recipe, written in her own handwriting, and we cherish it because it is a part of her legacy to us. Just in case you need a good recipe for your family’s celebrations, I am sharing it with you right here, but please keep this one a secret…. xoxo.

Merry Christmas to you. I’m so glad you’re in my life. I pray you may be present to those around your table and to our great Emmanuel, who is “God with us.”

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