Ash Wednesday & Falling in Love

We are entering week 3 of our pre-marital course and I am so inspired by the couples we meet and the stories they share. I long for each couple we meet to keep their first love (in Jesus) while falling in love with each other. One of the realities of marriage is that everyone sets out with great love and affection in their hearts. Most people love their spouse. But we all know that it is not enough to just love people “in our hearts” we must also love them in our calendars, with our time and attention. When we create and commit space in our lives for those we love, we are often surprised by what happens.

This upcoming Wednesday, March 5th is Ash Wednesday, the day that begins our lenten journey as a church. Lent is the 40 day season leading up to Easter where we remember our mortality and prepare ourselves for Easter. There is a tradition in Christian history to give something up during lent. The heart of this habit is not about a self-improvement project; the spirit behind it is intentionally spending time with Jesus – not just in our hearts, but in the real time calendar of our lives – so He can surprise us. So whether you choose to take something up or give something up this season, my prayer is that we might commit and create space in our lives for the One whose love is deepest, widest, strongest and most unimaginable.

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