Turning the Car Around

We had to turn the car around on our way to Frisco the other day because we forgot “White Bear,” one of Russell’s favorite stuffed animal friends. Most child psychologists believe that “lovies” are a very good thing for children developmentally. A treasured “lovie” can provide:

*comfort during sad times
*security in scary situations
*a someone/something that is with you at all times

As adults, we have our own socially accepted version of “White Bear.” We use words like “comfort food” and “financial security,” and we have things like our cell phones that most of us will absolutely turn the car around and go back for, rather than face the day without them.

I think we instinctively know that these “white bears” in our lives aren’t the real deal, but we sometimes still give them a lot of power. We forget, or fail to trust, our first and true love. Jesus said, “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

May we turn to Christ today for rest, for comfort, and for security-and to abide in the One who is with us always.

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