Dear Tim

Dear Tim,

I want to acknowledge, honor and celebrate so many things about you this Father’s Day.  I am grateful for your tenderness, strength, funny ways, energy, insights and love. But maybe most of all I am grateful for your involvement in parenting. I know that sometimes our culture stereotypes dads as being uninvolved, aloof, oblivious, disconnected – but you are nothing like that. You are every bit as involved in being Russell’s dad as I am in being Russell’s mom. You are equally aware, tuned in, and committed. You prepare just as many meals, change just as many diapers, and say “no” or “maybe later” just as often as I do.  I love that Russell can follow you around in the garage, swing with you on the swing, paint on canvas with you, and cook eggs with you for breakfast. I love watching the two of you together. I love raising Russell with you. I’m so glad you are his dad.

Happy Father’s Day with love from us both,

Susie & Russell

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