An Old Camera and God

In the story of creation found in Genesis we learn an essential truth about ourselves: we all bear God’s image.  What does it mean to bear the image of God?
This morning I was flipping thru images on an old digital camera that we’ve been letting our 3 year old son Russell use for many months now.  Russell just runs around snapping pictures on this old camera. The blurry, sideways, odd and often half thumb-covered pictures reveal life from Russell’s vantage point.  The photos are a precious little insight into Russell’s world – how he sees thing, his vantage point, and what he cares about.

An image is like a small replica, an echo of the real deal, like a reflection in the water of lake Dillon on a still morning.

So, if we bear the image of God than every.single.person. bears insight into God’s heart, God’s way, God’s image. Men and women; rich and poor; my 90-year old neighbor and my 3 year old son; the highly driven and the not-so-much-so; every nation, culture, marital status, religion; the powerful and the vulnerable.  We all bear the image of God, no exceptions.

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