The Grass Is Always Greener

You’ve heard it said, “The grass is always greener on the other side,” but the truth of the matter is, the grass is always greener where you water it.

We live in a world that constantly encourages us to compare and contrast our lives. Advertisements bombard us daily with images of what we don’t have yet but others do… and what we too could have some day. So, we compete with our neighbors, envy our friends, and spend our energy trying to attain what others have. Our culture tells us that we never have enough, and on some level, we believe we are always one acquisition away from happiness. We live like the mouse on a treadwheel, always spinning with new desires and dissatisfied energy, wanting what someone else already has.

But contentment is about cherishing what I already have, watering the grass of my own lawn.

When I allow my thoughts to be consumed with running lists of what someone else has that I don’t have, I am watering grass on my neighbor’s lawn. If I do this for too long, my own lawn will die. But when I focus on the grass in my own lawn, and water it, weed it, mow it and fertilize it, then my own grass will become green.

What part of your life is wilting from lack of attention? What action could you take today to care for your own “lawn” instead of watering someone else’s?

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