Orphans to Heirs

In Genesis 1, we discover that we were created by God. We were in the beautiful garden of Eden, our creation was labelled as good, and we were described as image bearers. Then in Genesis 3, we turned our backs on God. In that moment we became orphaned by sin. There was a break in the bond we shared with our Maker. The scriptures say Adam and Eve no longer were able to walk naked with God in the garden and feel no shame. Suddenly they knew they were naked, felt ashamed, and lost intimacy with their Creator. Shame entered the scene of this world and has never left. But in his lovingkindness, God sent Jesus to make a way for our adoption back into the family of God. Then he also sent his Holy Spirit to our hearts so that we can experience our adoption. In Christ we are adopted, through God’s Holy Spirit we experience our adoption. 

The Holy Spirit makes real our rescue from the orphanage of our own sin and shame. You can be adopted, but not experience your adoption. You can be an heir, but live with an orphan spirit. You can have a provider but keep hoarding food in isolation.
To be adopted into a family is to forever know intimacy, provision, protection and care. Intimacy is shared life; intimacy with God is shared life. The same power that made Jesus alive is now making us alive in him. This is living in the light of the resurrection. This is living out all the rights and privileges of our adopted life. We are no longer orphans but heirs.

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