The Church with the Blue Door

Last summer on sabbatical, I wrote a children’s book called “The Church with the Blue Door.” It is my hope that our kids will be filled with awe, wonder, and a deeper understanding of Jesus’ vision for His church. We have made these books available as a gift to you. Feel free to pick one up at the “connect table” if you haven’t already and read it together at home, or with the children in your life.
Throughout the book, there is a little church mouse hiding around the pages of the story. Kids can search for the little mouse as you read through the book.
Starting this Sunday, April 8th and throughout the month of April, we will have a stuffed mouse hiding around our actual church building also. Kids are invited to search for the stuffed mouse, and if they find him they can come tell either Pastor Tim or Pastor Susie and they will receive a token for a prize in the Parlor. Take your token to the parlor, and there is a vending machine of toys for you! One token per child, per Sunday please.
Thank you for your partnership in this ministry. We are so grateful for your presence & part in this special community of faith with the Blue Doors!

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