All of creation has fallen from the state of Shalom that God originally intended. God is on a mission of restoration of peace, and we are invited to participate.

The topic of peace is a central area of concern for everyone, whether or not we would articulate it that way. Whether it be in the arena of interpersonal relationships, in our neighborhoods and communities, or simply as citizens of this world, we are all in need of peace and a restoration of Shalom.

Many people may cynically think of peace as an unattainable goal; something that sounds nice but isn’t realistic. Or perhaps some may think that peace is achieved through force; that whoever has the most strength wins. Some Christians may think of peacemaking as something that “we” as Christians bring to “them” as non-Christians.

The truth is that we are all in need of ongoing restoration and peace, and the Good News is that we are all recipients of the grace necessary to enact peace. We can all partner and participate in the restoration of Shalom that God is working throughout all of Creation.

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