Resurrection Life

When the scriptures talk of resurrection, there is a resurrection that we wait for and a resurrection that we experience now. Those who are in Christ are baptized into his death and resurrection. So in this sense we can experience the power of the resurrection now. It is a power to endure and overcome. God, by his spirit, places this inside you. When someone is baptized they go under the water, and this is a picture of being buried with Christ in his death. When they come up out of the water it is a picture of being raised to new life. In fact the words we say when someone is baptized is “dead to sin, alive in Christ.”

This is more than just a symbol. When God’s holy spirit enters you there is a very real power that God places in you to overcome; to move from death to life. We can experience resurrection life now! And, at the same time, we know that on this side of eternity we will still struggle. But there is a day coming when we will be resurrected in glory. In other words, there is also a resurrection to come where there will no longer be pain or tears or struggle or injustice.

May we live into our resurrection life today.

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