Last Sunday our kids got baptized

Last Sunday our kids got baptized.

They were nervous. They both wanted to be baptized, but they were unsure about the public part – being in front of a bunch of people. They wanted to know which service had fewer people in it. “The first service at 9am,” I told them. Even moments before the baptism, while eating breakfast in my office, I wasn’t sure if they would go through with it. I wondered if they would kind of chicken out. I repeatedly told them, “there is no pressure here at all, you do not have to do this today, I am not pressuring you, no one is pressuring you, this is totally up to you” but I could see in their still-developing faces a desire to go public with their faith.

I knew they both wanted to be baptized. They have both been talking about it for a while. The day before, they had both written out statements saying why they wanted to be baptized. “I want to be baptized because I love Jesus.” “I want to be baptized because I am a citizen of God.”

In the end, they both stood before the gathered church and were asked, “have you trusted Christ as your Lord and Savior?” And after saying “yes” they were submerged in the waters of baptism. This ancient symbol of our faith. Dead to sin, alive in Christ. Baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It was a picture of dying with Christ in his death, and then — in coming up out of the waters — being raised to new life in Christ’s resurrection power.

What an absolute joy to witness. What a treasure to share in the life of Christ. What a gift to have a community of people surrounding our kids with love and support and encouragement. How stirring to hear everyone applaud and cheer them on in their journey of faith. It is a moment we will not soon forget. Thank you Platt Park Church, for bearing witness to our family’s journey.  For your encouragement and love, we give thanks to God, and we love you.

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