Living in Silent Saturday

This past Sunday we talked about the in-between day of Saturday in the Easter story. Saturday is the day after the crucifixion, but the day before the resurrection. It is the day that stands between death and life, between despair and joy. If God’s plan was to raise Christ from the dead after the crucifixion, then why is there a Saturday in the story? Why didn’t Christ die and then boom! – rise from the dead? Why are these two events spread across three days? Saturday doesn’t seem to further the story.

Unless there’s something deeper going on here. God is really into these third day stories. You find this structure all throughout the scriptures. For example, Joseph’s brothers get put in prison, and they’re released on the third day. In the book of Joshua, Israelite spies are told by Rahab to hide from their enemies, and then they’ll be safe on the third day. When Esther hears her people are going to be slaughtered, she goes away to fast and pray. On the third day, the king receives her favorably. Here is the structure: On day one there is trouble, and on day three there is deliverance, but on day two…just silence.

Silent Saturday is a great reminder that we all live between the cross and the resurrection. But “Sunday” is coming, that day when God will renew and restore all that is broken and death will be no more!

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