Forest Gump used to always say, “Mama says stupid is as stupid does.” I think the same is true for wisdom. Wisdom is as wisdom does. Wisdom is not just about knowing, intellectually, a bunch of great thoughts or quotes or pearls of wisdom. Wisdom is really about having competency in the face of the complexities of life; it’s about applying what we know.

Rarely a week goes by without someone sharing with me that they’re at a critical intersection and a decision has to be made. Often it’s job-related; sometimes it’s marriage or family-related. Sometimes it pertains to a health decision or finances or dating or whatever.

Often we find ourselves at a crossroads of some kind, and we would really like to get the decision right! Luckily there is an entire genre of scripture in the Bible called “The Wisdom literature” and we are going to be looking at it over the next five Sundays. These five books of the Bible have more to say about how to make great decisions than any other part of the Scriptures.