The RV

I’m not really an RV person, but Tim has been daydreaming about our family owning an RV for a couple of years now. My daydreams usually involve a direct flight, a nice hotel, and drinks on the beach.

When Russell was just five-weeks-old – yes, you read that correctly – five-WEEKS-old, we took an RV vacation with our friends to Cran Fest in Wisconsin. Imagine this: me, Tim, our newborn, and our 85-lb sheepdog, plus Bill, Kate, and their two-year-old daughter Mica traveling through the night to view some cranberries growing in bogs. Dream vacation? Hardly. Memorable? Definitely.

For Tim, the RV represents family and togetherness and memories. He gets all nostalgic and dreamy-eyed imagining us road tripping together some day. I’ve been on three RV trips in my life, and two out of three times we’ve broken down on the side of the road. Our perspectives are definitely different!

But I love Tim, and Tim’s enthusiasm is contagious. So, this week we actually pulled the trigger on a little used 21′ RV for our family.

Sometimes love defers. Sometimes love means moving to the other side or at least trying out the other perspective. Sometimes love says, “You know, that is not really my thing, but I’m happy to see you so happy – let’s give it a try.”

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