Marriage Trouble

Tim and I have been married for 12 years and like all couples we have had our share of ups and downs. One of the best tools that we were given along the way so far was through a relationship program called PAIRS, which stands for Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills. This program is used around the world, with the military, in non-profits, and in companies to teach people strong relationship skills. The founders of PAIRS studied healthy relationships and extracted “skills” that the rest of us can practice to build stronger bonds and connection with the most important people in our lives.

I am thrilled that we are offering an abbreviated version of this workshop tomorrow morning from 8:30 am-12:30 pm. If you’d like to jump in on this opportunity at the last minute, there are some spaces remaining. Whether your relationship is in trouble or doing great but always open to learning, I’d invite you to join us for PAIRS. Our facilitators tomorrow have been married for 47 year (I think that says something) and they still love applying the skills of PAIRS to their marriage today!

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