Rosa Is Coming

When our team landed in Guatemala last summer, a brilliant and beautiful woman named Rosa was standing outside the airport waiting to greet us. It only took moments for our team to fall in love with Rosa and her son Michael. Rosa’s radiant smile, deep soul, and competency in facilitating our team were huge factors in our experience in Guatemala.

I am delighted to introduce you to Rosa! She is coming to Denver December 5-17 and will be sharing in our worship services on December 8th. There will also be an opportunity to meet Rosa after service on December 8th and learn more about the diaper bag business that she and some other Guatemalan women are launching.

One of our core purposes as a church is serving the wholistic needs of others. Our partnership with Mothers Global Village in Guatemala is just one small way that we are serving around the globe. As we do, our hearts grow to be more like God’s heart and our lives are changed in the process.

I can’t wait for you to meet my friend!

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