Who Are We?

This survey was distributed during two Sunday morning worship services in October 2013. There were a total of 104 responses, although not everyone answered every question and there were several couples that completed the questionnaire together. I have attempted to compile the results in such a way as to give you the clearest sense of the make-up of our Platt Park congregation. There were many comments given which are not included here but are available if you would like to read them.

1. AGE: 33% were 21-30, 37% were 31-40, 24% were 41-60 and 6% were 61 or older

2. MARITAL STATUS: 64% were married, 36% were not married (of which 17% were single, 18% were in a committed relationship)

3. EDUCATION: 5% high school, 14% some college, 44% 4-yr college degree, 37% postgraduate degree

4. ETHNICITY: 93% of Respondents were born in the US. There were respondents from six other countries: Canada, Korea, Peru, Mexico, China, and Philippines

Respondents were from 32 different states with the highest concentrations from Colorado (25), Texas (9), Illinois (8) and California (7).

82% of respondents said their ethnicity was Caucasian. 18% listed various other ethnicities with no significant concentration in any of them.

5. CHILDREN: There were 41 children reported under the age of 17, including several pregnancies. 26 of these children were age 5 and under, 15 children were in the 6-12-year-old category, and four teenagers.

6. SPIRITUAL LIFE: Faith Explorer -11%, New follower of Jesus -2%, Committed follower of Jesus -80%, Used to be a committed follower of Jesus but now not so sure -2%, Other -5%

7. SPIRITUAL ROOTS: There were 35 different denominations or faith backgrounds represented with the highest concentrations being Baptist (23), Catholic (20), Non-denominational (14), and Methodist (11).

8. ZIP CODE: 18% are from 80210, 67% are from city of Denver (in addition to 80210), 15% are from outside the city of Denver with no significant concentration

9. Do you consider Platt Park Church to be your primary faith Community?
Yes – 85%
No – 2%
First time visitor – 6%
Not Sure Yet (2nd – 4th time visitor) – 6%

10. When did you first begin attending Platt Park Church (or Pathways Church if it was prior to 2012)?
11% of responders were visiting for the first or second time
47% of responders have begun attending since 2012 (this includes new guests)

11. How strong is your sense of belonging to Platt Park Community Church?
Not at all – 14% Not Very – 11% Moderate – 32% Strong – 43%

12. How many worship services (including today) have you attended at Platt Park church in the past month?
1st time – 10% 1x – 13% 2x – 23% 3x – 23% 4x – 31%

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