My 4 Words

Silly. Honest. Rooted. Brave. I want these words to characterize my life right now.

I pick “silly” because I’m an ENTJ on the Myers Briggs, and I’m just so damn serious sometimes. I want to be fun and carefree in my home and with my friends. I want to remember, even in the midst of my responsibilities, that there is still time to jump in the bouncy house with Vaun or have a pillow fight with Russell and Tim.

“Honest” mainly relates to honesty with my emotions. Historically, I have been a master stuffer of feelings. I can win awards for putting on a happy face. But these days, I want to be honest with my inside realities rather than do/say only what is acceptable, nice or easy. I want to be truer and less careful.

“Rooted in Christ” is my aim these days because there are so many other “good” places in which I am tempted to plant, nurture & grow my identity, such as my work, my role as a mom, and even my views/perspectives. Christ is the only constant worthy of deep roots because my work, roles, perspectives and even the seasons of parenting ebb and flow and change.

“Brave” means doing stuff that scares me. It’s about saying “yes” to new challenges like speaking at a business owners event when I’d rather stay home and watch a movie… and it means saying “no” when it is hard, or when I know it will displease someone or I will be misunderstood. Brave is about being vulnerable. It is about letting myself be known and not hiding behind anything at all.

What words would you choose?

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