This Christmas

Our Christmas offering goal is $25K this year, all to be used to support external ministries we love.

Some seasons are for building a strong internal church community through facility upgrades, special events, and children’s ministries, all of which contribute toward a healthy church where people can connect & reconnect with God. Over the past year we have been blessed to invest over $100K in the church building to offer an environment more conducive to people’s exploration of following God in the way of Jesus.

Other seasons are about focusing outward, investing in important ministry outside the church walls, as we will do this Christmas. Our Christmas offering goal is $25K to be used to…
– launch a diaper bag business with Guatemalan women
– fund a Christian women’s conference in Nepal
– provide for urgent needs in our community through the benevolence fund
– support new ministry initiatives in 2014!
–  Platt Park Church seeks to nurture both the internal and external aspects of ministry so that we might be a healthy body that can sustain ministry for the long haul.

Please consider a special year-end gift this year. Thank you for your generosity to the ministry of God both at and through Platt Park Church. We love partnering with you in building God’s kingdom, on earth as it is in heaven.

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