Reverse Appreciation

During pastor appreciation month in November, you all took a “love offering” for us, the pastoral staff at Platt Park, and we felt so loved by you! Your notes, cards, and gifts just meant the world to us! We have a few things to say to you, our church family:

From Vaun Swanson…
I appreciate the Platt Park Community because of the sincere commitment I see in so many people to following the message of Jesus Christ and being his hands and feet in our community and world. Most people lead busy and active lives and yet they make time to attend worship services and serve. People here are friendly, joyful and encouraging, and it is a privilege to be a part of this church body.

From Susie Grade…
I so love and admire your constellation of values ~ the depths of your love, compassion, and generosity, and the way you hold such a balanced perspective in your beliefs. I love the way you integrate faith, life, and justice without getting arrogant about potential differences in values or beliefs. There is no place I’d rather be. Thank you for allowing me to serve Christ here among you.

From Gary Aronhalt…
I appreciate your “vibe,” which is so rich and varied ~ You are easygoing but also intense and passionate. You are sensitive to the Spirit but also slightly irreverent. You are honest about life struggles yet hopeful. Platt Park Church is a safe place to be messy, and I love it!

From Tim Grade…
I appreciate how authentic your faith is – you are honestly seeking to know God and live life dynamically with God without rote formulas. Life is messy, and Platt Park Church accepts the messiness in the context of God’s grace!

From Lara Hedberg…
You all are so friendly and warm. Love seeing new people and families come in and be welcomed so whole heartedly.

From Amy Borjas…
I appreciate the many ways Platt Park Church extends God’s compassion in our world. I see this compassion evident as people seek to make ethical choices, serve the local and global communities, and extend friendship and support to one another. I am honored to be a part of Platt Park Church community!

We are so grateful for you, much love and thanks,

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