Needy or In Need?

I was listening to a podcast recently in which the speaker asked, “What is the one word that someone could use to describe you that would devastate you if it was true?” Her answer was “needy.” Most of us would rather be just about anything but “needy.” Why is that?
There is a difference between being “needy” and being “in need.” When our condition of being in need becomes our identity, we become needy. Rather than just having a situation, we develop a reputation. But to be in need is to be human. Jesus demonstrates this throughout His life-from birth as a fully dependent infant, to the crucifixion, where He spoke through parched and cracked lips, “I am thirsty.” Jesus had needs, but that did not make Him needy, it made Him human.
We all have times in which our needs exceed our resources. At Platt Park Church, we have a small but mighty group of people called “The Blessing Team.” We are on the lookout for ways that we can bless people by helping to meet the very real needs in their lives. Here is just a glimpse of some of the ways that we have done this:
· Helped an individual avoid eviction by paying rent
· Supported a refugee who is going to college
· Helped a family of five by paying their rent
· Paying for several counseling sessions to help a couple
· Paid towards reducing medical bills for an individual
· Monthly stipend for transportation for a person with special needs
· Handed out grocery and Uber gift cards
It is a marvelous and joyful experience to be giving out of our abundance to help those around us, both in our faith community and outside it. It is the love of Christ that compels us.
This Sunday, October 1st, we will be collecting gift cards to distribute as needs arise. We thank you in advance for donating grocery cards, RTD pass books, or Target cards.
If you are interested in hearing more about the Blessing Team, or in serving with us, please contact Carol Schmidt at

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