Listen to the River (Not the Highway) 

The first thing I noticed when my sabbatical began was that the moment I opened up space in my life, a variety of things fought to fill that space. 

One night after dark, I went out on our back porch in Frisco to look at the stars and listen to the river. As I sat there, I noticed that I could hear both the rushing river and the distant sound of I-70. Both were present in the air that night, but I could choose which to focus on – the soothing river or the racing highway.
No matter if it is an hour, a day or 3 months that is set aside for rest and replenishment, the demands and distractions of life always will crouch at the door. Just waiting to jump in and fill up our time, our minds, and any space for silence and solitude.
This is my experience. There is always the highway noise at first; it takes some time to settle in and listen for the river of God’s Spirit flowing.

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