WOW: a word to change our lives

The word WOW is so central to our lives. WOW gets to the core of what it means to be a fully-alive human.

Some people may think that to live the word WOW is to find pleasure in the things of this world. Wow, check out my new car! Wow, have you seen her new kitchen? Wow, that is an incredible investment! For some people, “WOW” is to be surprised by the joy of creation. The pursuit of pleasure elicits happiness found through enjoyment of the material creation.

Others may think that the word WOW is to be reserved for the hereafter. For these folks, it is believed that Joy and the experience of eternal life are what happens after you die. The idea of life after death takes emphasis over experiencing abundant life before death.

The Good News is that Jesus rose from the dead to offer us eternal life now. Life that is full of WOW moments, full of deep experiences of Joy. The Gospel is that you and I are invited to live within the gracious love of God, the source of all that is good.

Join us this Sunday as we explore how WOW is a word that can change our lives.

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