5 Words to Change Your Life: “THANKS”

The word THANKS may be one of the most powerful words of this series. If more people were to embrace a life of THANKS, the world may very well be drastically different.

Most people recognize that gratitude and wonder are positive attributes to have. However, many are hesitant to embrace these attitudes towards life due to a cynicism that says there are too many things wrong with the world to be grateful. Gratitude and wonder, for some, may feel like a resignation to injustices and legitimate problems.

Another misuse (especially in the church!) is that gratitude and wonder are equated with receiving God’s blessing. As in, “If I am blessed by God, I will feel grateful.” In other words, I am only grateful when I feel I am in control and things are going my way.

The Gospel is that we are all already blessed beyond measure by the God who loves us. An attitude of gratitude and a disposition of wonder simply open us up to see those blessings more clearly and consistently.

Join us this Sunday as we explore how the word THANKS can change our lives.

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