Help, I’m a mere mortal like everyone else

There were tears in my eyes as the therapist looked at me and asked, “Is it ok for you to get a “C-“? Is it ok for you to be a mere mortal like everyone else?” That was the moment I realized that I have a hard time admitting weakness and I have a hard time asking for help. What a gift these words were to me, what an eye-opening moment in my life!

The word “HELP runs very counter-intuitive to the culture of today. We live in a society that is obsessed with individualism and self-sufficiency. We idolize the self-made person and tend to see dependency as a moral deficiency. The idea of asking for help is often offensive to our sensibilities.

Some folks in our world today may see the idea of asking for HELP, especially seeking help from God, as not only a sign of weakness but also a sign of delusion. It may be necessary from time to time to ask for help from qualified professionals, but to seek help from a deity is just dumb. When we must ask for help, we ask those who are qualified, not those who we can’t see. We don’t step out on faith when seeking help, we rely on proof of expertise.

Other people may have no problem asking God for HELP. However, this may not necessarily carry over to asking others for help. The idea is that if I pray and ask God for help, then the help will come. This may be the case, but more times than not God might be giving us the help we need through the people around us if only we asked them. For many, asking God for help is easy, asking others for help is hard.

The Gospel is that asking for HELP from God or from others does not imply that we have a moral deficiency. It simply means we are finite humans; you are a mere mortal like everyone else. The Good News is that we CAN ask for help. God wants us to ask for help, because God is the Great Helper. As Paul says, when we are weak, then we can see the strength of God.

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